Can Your Eyes Be A Window To Your Health?
"Iridology is the study of the color, pigmentations and structure of the iris of the eye, as it relates through reflex response to genetic strengths and deficiencies of the body systems. Topagraphically, the iris reflects specific organs and systems of the body. Genetic predispositions are represesnted in the corrresponding area of the iris, as structural deviations in the iris fibers and pigmentations in the eye.
The density of the iris fiber equals the ability the person has to resist disease."
Ellen Tart Jensen
What does Iridology reveal?
We know from research around the world that Blue, Brown and Mixed color eyes have certain tendencies toward deficiencies, and that fiber structure of the eye can reveal Constitutional Types and levels of physical resilience.
Iridology :
Shows the genetic inherited strengths and deficiencies of the body.
Reveals what areas need support to increase vitality.
How to maintain balance and practice preventive health.
The Integrity of the Digestive System.
Areas of potential toxicity, inflammation and stress.
Lifestyle and emotional factors contributing to imbalance.
Genetic, personality, communication and relationship patterns.
Is a method of interpreting the red lines, colors and markings in the sclera or white of the eye as they relate to the whole person's health. Sclerology shows what areas are being affected by stress and the root cause of the stress pattern.
What Do Your Eyes  Reveal?
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